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About Dr. Morales


    Dr. Morales is an innovative applied performance psychology consultant and coach who has used mental performance strategies to build his championship experiences as an athlete, coach, and leader. He came to the U.S. as a non-English speaking private, the lowest rank in the U.S. Army, and rose to the ranks to retire as a Lieutenant Colonel and as an Academy Professor at the U.S. Military at West Point. He is confident that he can help any willing athlete, coach, scout, or professional to reach their maximum potential by dominating their thoughts, actions, and behaviors. He brings over 30 years of leadership, teaching, and student-athlete development experience as an Army officer, international coach, mental performance consultant, academy professor at West Point, and Director of International Development with the Pittsburgh Pirates.


    As an Army officer, he successfully led platoons, companies, and battalion and division-level staff sections supporting multiple peacekeeping and support operations. As an academy professor, he was responsible for multiple sections in the physical program, including instruction of over ten courses and course directorship of five courses, budget management, personnel administration and training, transportation operations, and facility management.


    As a coach in the sport of Judo and an Army Master Combatives Trainer, he has contributed to developing student-athletes' warrior ethos, perseverance, and will to fight. He led the West Point Judo program to their first-ever National Collegiate Judo Championship in 50 years, coached the U.S. Armed Forces team to six World Military Championships, and certified thousands of cadets and soldiers as combatives instructors for the Army.


    As a certified mental performance consultant, he has served and volunteered with non-profit organizations to assist minority student-athletes in improving the mental aspects of their approach to sports and academics. He has worked with instructional, travel, and collegiate baseball programs, helping parents, players, and coaches understand elements of peak performance. 

Dr. Morales has degrees in exercise science and is certified through OnBase University in pitching and hitting fundamentals. In addition to connecting an athlete's head and heart, he understands the physiological connections to efficient performance. As the Director of International Development, he coordinates all developmental aspects for international professional baseball players in the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club. He serves as the personal mental performance coach for athletes and coaches at the highest levels of the system. 


    Hector is married with three children and lives in Parrish, FL. He is the Founder and Director of Performance of Peak Mental Game (PMG): Optimal Perfornance Education, LLC.


    Dr. Morales can provide a one-page resume and curriculum vitae upon demand. Please email for additional information. 



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