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A vision becomes a reality. A team chasing a national title for almost half a century, fighting against all odds, challenging the learning curve, and facing institutional resistance. An inspiring story of passion, perseverance, and mental toughness.  
Senseis (teachers) were eager to build a winning culture and a group of young fighters who believed in what he preached and, in the process, trusted their potential to succeed.

This book is a must-read for all developmental coaches who are trying to build a team of significance and aim to help their athletes win every day. The strategies presented here will help your program reach its maximum potential. 

Building Warriors: West Point Judo Road to the National Championship

Paperback $14.99

Digital Copy $9.99
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The story of the West Point Judo Team's Championship run from 2009 until 2014. 

Steve Scott from Welcome Mat Judo Reviews and Speaks Building Warriors

West Point Judo Athlete Development Handbook

Paperback $14.99​

Digital Copy $9.99
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Self-efficacy, State Anxiety, and Motivation in Mandatory Combatives Training
Digital Copy $19.99

As a doctoral student in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Florida State University, Dr. Morales studied the effects of a mental skills program in participants of the military mandatory combatives training program. The study introduces the MSP and discusses quantitative and qualitative data reference the experience of the participants. 

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