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"Dr. Morales’ lectures have helped me see things differently. Also, I have been more positive and been believing in myself more."

“Mentally I was always putting myself down and Dr. Morales' online session showed me a way to use my flaws as my advantages.”

"The PMG course helped me as an athlete and helped my mental performance, especially when going into playoffs."


"Dr. Morales allowed me to outgrow myself. I became mentally strong due to the classes directed by Dr. Morales as his words were always impactful."


"Dr. Morales and all the mental preparation tips helped me better concentrate when I’m on the field."


"Dr. Morales keeps my mind in a great form and keeps my head straight."


"Steer has made me mentally stronger with lessons. These lessons have improved in my everyday life. They made me look at things In different perspectives."


" I used the skills I learned in PMG to better my thinking on problems in life."


“I have become stronger, and I have used videos from PMG to help me with things such as a pregame ritual to help me relax.”


“Freshman year I was not the strongest. Due to the mental strength courses and the beast mode sessions, I was able to compete at a high level. Steer helped me improve my performance by providing me with training that allowed me to grow as an athlete.”


“PMG has helped me as an athlete because they have introduced me to ways to handle situations. Such as staying calm when I’m under pressure, not getting frustrated easily, and lastly to never give up.”


“Dr. Morales helps us develop a strong mindset when it comes to sports, school, and life.”


“Dr. Morales has helped me with the mental toughness which has contributed to my performance athletically and academically.”


“Because he was very similar to me growing up with his involvement of many activities he gave me tips and advice on what to do and how to deal with different situations and manage time.”


“Through Dr. Morales, I learned that doing the little things every day leads to accomplishing major goals.”


“I have learned how to be a better role model to those who are misguided and I think that is a skill that can help me throughout the rest of my career and life.”


“I gained a mental advantage and am now able to be mentally prepared for anything.”


“I improved on being able to balance out academics and basketball. My mental stability has gotten better. In other words, I have found other ways and outlets to deal with my stress which has always been a big issue for me.”


“Being in this program has changed my perspective on many things. As an athlete, it has boosted my motivation to continue to play and be a better student. A successful future feels a little more secure with the help of this program."


“It has made me more confident to speak to the team and help them out on anyways we are all losing hope.”

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