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Welcome to Your Optimal Performance Journey!

   Regardless of our field of work or competition, we all aspire to reach our maximum potential. The primary mission of PMG is to provide athletes, parents, coaches, and individuals seeking personal improvement with information that can enhance their mental approach to performance in fitness, education, and professional settings.


   Everything starts in the mind; therefore, if we want to achieve optimal performance, that is where we need to start. Our motto, "Build the Mind, Performance Will Follow," is one that we have seen come alive repeatedly in athlete, coach, and professional settings. In your mind is where passion, commitment, and desire start, and these are all critical elements that lead to optimal performance.  


   Our courses, programs, and mentorship will provide the necessary tools to build that foundation. Dare to explore the world of mental performance, connect with your inner passion, and let's achieve what once looked impossible. Challenge yourself to improve every day. Unleash your inner warrior!  

The Importance of the Mental Approach
Personalized Training
for Teams
One on One Coaching and Mentorship for Optimal Performance
DrM Speaks with La Vida Baseball about Mental Performance
About Us

PMG: Optimal Performance Education, LLC is a veteran-owned company with the mission of helping athletes, coaches, and parents get the most out of the competitive experience. In addition, provide young athletes with tools that will contribute to their development and success throughout a lifetime in sports and professional settings. Lastly, PMG aims to help individuals achieve their goals in fitness and wellness settings by developing the mental strength necessary to overcome adversity and personal challenges. 

Want to learn more about PMG, visit our About Us page or contact us via email or phone. 

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