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PMG Communities

  • Endomorph @ War (E@W)

    The Endomorph at War Community is forming. Expected to deploy in October 2021, Dr. Morales has created a unique program designed to help individuals who have always struggled with weight and body composition management understand their genetics, how to use their strengths, and how to minimize the challenges on their performance journey. If you want more information about the E@W program, contact Dr. Morales at peakmentalgame@gmail.com. Please add E@W as part of the subject line. 

  • Warrior Athlete Lab

    Elite level competitors have many mental performance-related behaviors in common. The best of the best in every sport are intentional about growth, improving, and competing against themselves to achieve maximum potential. Join the Warrior Athlete Lab and you will receive training opportunities that will allow you to separate yourself from the rest and will help you achieve your goals. Members of this community receive:

    1. Weekly Peak Performance Mentorship Messages. 

    2. Access to a monthly mental performance seminar by Dr. Morales. 

    3. Opportunities to ask questions after each seminar to personalize the information to your performance journey. 

    For more information or to become of member of the Warrior Athlete Lab Community, please contact DrM at peakmentalgame@gmail.com.