• Dr. Hector Morales-Negron

It May be Gone

PMG's QTQW # 7 (1 NOV 20)

"Appreciate the things you have now because it could all be gone tomorrow."

Kelly Barrera, Steer Student-Athlete

DrM's Mental Performance Coaching Tip

As you can probably tell, I have been amazed by some of my student-athletes over the last couple of weeks. The quote this week comes from Steer Senior Kelly Barrera from Port Chester, New York. On her weekly review this week, Kelly shared the quality thinking quote above. Her review's message reminded me of how many opportunities we missed because we are busy; we say we don't have time or permit ourselves to ignore what is in front of us. For example, we say we want to go to college and open the doors of opportunities to a better life for ourselves and our families, then a seminar about going to college is scheduled, and we choose not to attend for whatever reason. We have doubts about the next step we want to take in life, and we have mentors we can talk to, but we choose not to have the conversation. These are the opportunities that the quote talks about. We have many opportunities in front of us, and at times, we fail to take advantage of them. 

My challenge for you this week is that you look at your goals and assess the resources you have around you. Match at least one resource, one person, one mentor, or opportunity that can help you get closer to complete that goal and take advantage of it. Please put it on your schedule, make an appointment with your advisor, like it to your plan as action and opportunity that can impact your path. Ultimately, that one thing can make a difference between making it or not making it. At the very least, you will have no regrets. When you look back and assess what you did, you can say, "I maximized all that was available to me; I left no rocks, unturned." 

Yours in the battle,


Stay Mentally Strong!