• Dr. Hector Morales-Negron

Character - Key to Long-Term Success

PMG's QTQW # 6 (25 OCT 20)

"When no one is watching is when it matters the most."

Sebastian Alvarez, Steer Student-Athlete

DrM's Mental Performance Coaching Tip

This week's quality thinking quote of the week comes from our very own Sebastian Alvarez. Sebastian is a baseball student-athlete, and during his weekly review, he shared this great quote. His message speaks about character. As a coach and mental performance leader in sports, I have seen many careers destroyed for the lack of character. That is why I consider character one of the pillars of peak performance and as essential as physical training, mental training, recovery decisions, nutrition, fueling decisions, and emotional intelligence. Once the field of competition becomes balanced, these pillars need to be stable if we want to reach our optimal potential.

Again, there are many applications to the quote Sebastian shared. Still, the most important one as a high school student-athlete is to know that you are preparing to be independent, to succeed without a constant reminder, to be your own alarm, to recognize when you are about to do something that goes against your values, against your future, against your goals. Ultimately you are accountable to one person only, that image you see in the mirror at night before you go to bed. Ask yourself these questions this week: who was I when no one was watching? When I said that I would do something, did I stop when I realized no one watched? Who did I hurt the most by doing this? Who has to double down on pace and focus on catching up? It is time to be your own cheerleader, connect deeply, and do things because you want to, not because they ask you. You can win the fight, have no doubt. But it all starts within. Take charge this week.

Yours in the battle,


Stay Mentally Strong!

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