• Dr. Hector Morales-Negron


PMG's QTQW # 3 (4 OCT 20)

"You must take action now that will move you towards your goals. Develop a sense of urgency in your life." - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

DrM's Mental Performance Coaching Tip

As you are closing on building your Success Maps and goals for the academic year, look very closely at the actions that you will put on your sheet. For me, the actions you write become a contract with yourself that you need to hold yourself accountable for every night as you see your reflection in the mirror. I know what it means to battle with the uncertainty of our daily lives when we grow up in difficult circumstances. So, let’s not allow the things that we do control to also become inconsistent and chaotic. I know everyone one of the PMG student-athletes has goals, every single one of you wants a better future, and the only way to give ourselves a chance to reach those goals is through consistent daily action. I understand it is a tough internal battle but it is up to you to win it. It is also proven that when we are inconsistent we only hurt our chances. Some of us had no chance at a better life without action. Stay engaged, complete your Success Map, then connect with me every week in the weekly review to help each other stay the course.

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Stay Mentally Strong! 

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