• Dr. Hector R. Morales-Negron, CMPC

QTQW and Mental Performance Coaching Tip of the Week # 2 (27 SEP 20)

PMG's QTQW # 2 (27 SEP 20)

"Everyone wants to be better; everyone wants to reach their maximum potential; everyone wants to reach their dreams; however, only a few are willing to do the extra work needed to succeed. That is the daily battle." DrM

DrM's Mental Performance Coaching Tip

We have started a very year difficult with a healthy mindset and a high desire to make up the time we lost during the pandemic. As student-athletes, you were three different hats as competitors, learners, and as people. In each of these areas, you now have a goal that you want to accomplish. Today's quote is a reminder that you are with the many when it comes to putting plans and goals down. Goal setting is easy; millions of people do it every new year. Goal GETTING is the challenge because, in planning, many fail to see what are the steps they have to take, regardless of what the environment brings, actually to get to their goals. If you are a PMG trained student-athlete, you have and have had a different opportunity. We will set the conditions to reach our goals together. We will place tools in your hands that will get you closer and closer to your goals each week. However, you need to understand that for everything we want, we need to pay the price. The price we pay is not in money, it is in time, in pushing back what we want to do so we can do what we need to do and in sweet and tears. Let's make peace with paying this price now, and that commitment alone will get you closer to your goals. Have a great week!

Stay Mentally Strong!


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