• Hector R. Morales-Negron, PhD., CC-AASP

Sensei Morales Speaks - PMG's Weekly Peak Performance Coaching Tip

When I first came to the USA from Puerto Rico, as non-English speaking private in the U.S. Army, I could never imagine that I would be writing a weekly coaching tip for my athletes, coaches, parents, and sport leaders. However, I believed in the Army motto of the time "Be All You Can Be". That simple motto was motivational and gave me hope and confidence that my life and the one of my family could be different...and it has been. I am glad that I believed in the motto, I am glad that I read it every day and read it twice when my motivation was low, and it worked. That is why I want to share the quotes I find meaningful and will provide a coaching tip with them for all my student-athletes, my mentees, my colleagues, my Judokas, my baseball players, and anyone that wants to join our family to enjoy and use. I don't know when you will need and use one of these coaching tips to elevate your spirits and to focus your direction, but I will be here for you and I will keep them coming. I know my athletes trust me, I know that I can continue to expand their views and can provide them with different perspectives so they can make their personal decisions and can find their way to optimal performance. These tips are about reaching our maximum potential, they are about becoming champions every day, and I know you will welcome them because we all need a Sensei to help us sharpen our tools and keep us in our path. Looking forward to connecting with all of you starting the first week of September 2019.

Yours in the daily battle,

Sensei M

Hector R. Morales-Negron, PhD, CMPC

Lieutenant Colonel, USA (Retired)

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